Aedes Group has a solid team of economists and legal professionals in the Principality of Andorra with extensive experience, focused on providing customers with personalized solutions regardless of whether you speak Catalan, Spanish, French or English. 


The Geneva branch from 2009 was opened with the aim of offering its customers top quality fiduciary services. As a financial entity, this branch holds a trustee license.


In 2010, Aedes Group opened a branch in Panama in order to strengthen its internationalization strategy and in this manner access the numerous untapped opportunities provided by the sector.

Team members

Gerard Blasi Font

General Manager

Degree & Master’s Business Management from ESADE Business School

Over 5 years’ experience in corporate management and trusts/foundations.

Esteve Vidal Ferrer

Legal Advisor

Extensive career in general administration holding high positions in the Principality of Andorra's Government for over 10 years.

Fabien Boson

Director / Lawyer

Etude Veuthey & Associés

Is the manager at the Geneva branch of Aedes Group and has great experience and expertise in fiduciary services.

Francesc Badia Gomis


Badia Advocats

Over 35 years of practice and current president of the bar association of the Principality of Andorra, and collaborates with Aedes Group to provide comprehensive services to our customers.